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VCB (Vacuum Circuit Breaker)

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VCB (Vacuum Circuit Breaker)

-. Product Description

- As a kind of circuit breaker blocking electric lines, blocks the electric lines by opening or closing contact point in the high vacuum container (Vacuum Valve) using ark soho ability in the vacuum and very high dielectric strength. Hence, no worry about fire and widely used for its small, lightweight and simple structure.

- Repair, Checking & Inspection (Maintenance)

- Check whether circuit breaker is fully inserted to the connecting point, display state of the switch indicator, damages on the operating & controlling coils, odor and measurement of vacuum of the vacuum valve etc.,

- Check for discoloration of the part vacuum evaporated and it is good if found glossy and, if found discolored to creamy white etc, then need to be replaced.

- Power In only when operated mainly on latch-time basis and after then the status is kept maintained even if power is cut off.

- MV class is in the mainstream but most recently research and development up to 245kv class is ongoing.