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GCB (Gas Circuit Breaker)

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GCB (Gas Circuit Breaker)

-. Product Description

- A circuit breaker of which blocking of electricity flow is operated by special gas such as SF6 , i.e, inert gas as a Soho media.

- Characteristic of Gas Circuit Breaker

1) Utilized the superior dielectric strength of SF6 Gas which is attributable to its excellent physical, chemical and electrical properties.
2) Suitable for isolation of high voltage and current due to its excellent soho ability, stability with arc and rapid insulation recovery.
3) Stable blocking is possible even for the blocking of trickle current such as blocking of the exciting current of the transformer.
4) Low occurrence of overvoltage, very good insulation recovery after the extinction of arc. In other word, strong in the harsh condition such as short line fault, step-out blocking, abnormal ground fault and can be reduced to be smaller in size.
5) As no Gas is leaked outside when blocked, there is no explosion sound such as air circuit breaker. So, no noise pollution.
6) Depending on the method of pressure of the blocked part, it is classified as a Single and Dual Pressure Type and classified by the structure as a Live Type and Dead Tank Type.
7) A sealed high pressure gas tank will be required to increase dielectric strength.
8) If Gas sealing is poor, corrosive gases will be occurred or the moisture in the SF6 Gas (if any) will make the insulating materials or metals corroded.
9) Keen attention is required for the management of the dust and moisture in the Gas.